Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Ford Technology for 2013 - Electric Parking Brake

The electric parking break is another new technology by Ford that they are introducing in some 2013 vehicles. Here is a little information about it:

• Offers ease of operation and more useful interior space with a simple switch to engage, as opposed to a parking brake lever or foot pedal
• Uses an electric motor on each rear caliper instead of a mechanical, cable-operated system
• Provides the benefits of automatic pad adjustment. Brakes can set automatically every 5,000 miles to adjust rear pads for wear

• Demonstrate how to use (similar to a window switch): 
– Pull switch up to set the parking brake
– Push the switch down to release the parking brake, making sure brake pedal is pressed and the ignition is on
• Demonstrate the drive-away release feature: 
– Parking brake can automatically disengage when gearshift is moved from Park, a gear is selected and the accelerator pedal is pressed. Doors must be closed and the driver safety belt must be fastened

• Point out the location of the electric parking brake — left of the steering wheel
• Show how simple it is to use: 
– Pull up to apply
– Press to release (manual release) with foot on the brake and ignition in the On position
– With driver's door closed, safety belt buckled and engine on, shift to Drive and press the accelerator (automatic drive-away release)

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