Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ford Technology - Adaptive Cruise Control

If you are a heavy user of the cruise control then this feature will be highly desirable by you. Here is a little about what it is:

• Provides everything conventional cruise control does — keeps a constant speed without having to work the brake or accelerator pedals — plus automatically maintains a comfortable distance from vehicles ahead
• Allows 3* unique Gap settings (Sporty, Normal, Comfort) — controlled through the steering wheel — to set the comfortable distance desired
• Uses advanced radar technology to scan the driving environment for slower vehicles ahead and slows the vehicle to adapt to the current traffic conditions. Once traffic clears, the system automatically returns to cruise Set speed and normal speed-control function

• Explain the steps to activate adaptive cruise control:
1. Press the cruise control ON/OFF button on the steering wheel.
2. Once desired speed is reached, press the SET+ button to begin automated adaptive cruise control (ACC).
3. The Gap and Set Speed settings will appear on the message center screen.
4. If ACC is active and following a vehicle, a lead vehicle graphic is displayed.**

• Reinforce that automatic decreases in vehicle speed and engagement of brakes are normal parts of adaptive cruise control operation
• Show that by manually applying the brake pedal, the system is canceled, returning full control of the vehicle to the driver, just as with conventional cruise control

• Remind customers that adaptive cruise control operates very similarly to a conventional cruise control they may have already used
• Reinforce the additional benefits of the “adaptive” part in automatically slowing the vehicle to maintain the set distance they choose

NOTE: * Some vehicles have an additional Normal setting.
** Some vehicles display an amber ACC Follow telltale. Other vehicles display a lead vehicle graphic.

Available on:
2013 Fusion
2013 Fusion Hybrid
2013 Taurus
2013 Edge
2013 Flex
2013 Explorer