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MyFord Touch Backgrounds

MyFord Touch
People love customizing their things and adding a little touch of themselves to whatever they own. When it comes to a cars, it’s no different. Ford has added something special to the MyFord Touch system. They allow you to upload up to 32 pictures into your vehicle’s MyFord Touch system so you can save them as a background on your 8” touch screen.

Uploading Pictures

  1. Take a blank USB drive and load the photos you wish to display in your vehicle.
  2. Insert USB device into the USB port and select “Menu” on the screen. (Located at the top of the screen)
  3. Select “Display” and “Edit Wallpaper”
  4. Click “Add” and select what files you wish to upload on you vehicle.
  5. Once uploaded select the picture you want and press “Save” and it will be set as your background.
MyFord Touch allows you to upload photos in several different types of formats, including .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp. There is a file size limit of 1.5mb and can hold up to 32 pictures total.
Feel free to download the formated backgrounds below:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wood Brothers Racing

Wood Brothers Racing is an American auto racing team that competes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The team was formed in 1950 by Glen and Leonard Wood, hence the "Wood Brothers". The Wood Brothers Racing Team holds the unique distinction of being the oldest active team in NASCAR, having fielded cars since 1950. They are known for their long relationship with Ford Motor Company, and the long standing use of number 21 on their main car. They currently field the No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Fusion for Trevor Bayne.

The Wood Brothers invented the modern pit stop. In the early days of all types of motor racing, when service was needed during the race it was common for drivers to pull into the pits, turn off the car, get out and even smoke a cigarette as the crew took their time changing tires and servicing the cars. The Wood Brothers recognized that by limiting the time off the track, it could increase their position on the track. Thus, they created and perfected what is now known as the pit stop. It is as common to all types of racing as the checkered flag itself.

Over the early years, the Wood Brothers Racing Team evolved from a weekend hobby into a full-time business. Glen and Leonard worked full-time building and preparing cars, while the other brothers and crew worked nights and weekends apart from their regular jobs. Their first permanent racing shop was at the town limits of Stuart, Va.

The team adopted the #21 permanently, and would become as notorious as any number in NASCAR history (along with the Petty #43 and Earnhardt #3). The Wood Brothers also found themselves lured to the big-ticket cash prizes offered by the growing Super speedway races in cities such as Daytona, Fla.; Charlotte, NC ; and Darlington, SC. Glen Wood soon stepped out from behind the wheel of the #21 Ford, and they began hiring drivers with reputations as winners at the different tracks.
The team soon began competing on the highest levels of the sport. Victories were won with the mechanical genius of the team of brothers, relatives, and friends. Leonard Wood's talent in the engine department soon brought the team acclaim and was second in the early years only to the fabled Holman-Moody engine juggernaut and the Petty racing dynasty of Lee Petty and son Richard Petty.

In the early 1970s, the Wood Brothers continued their success. The lightning-quick pit stops and high-powered engines of the #21 car proved a formidable challenge to all on the NASCAR circuit. Legendary drivers such as Donnie Allison and open-wheel Indy 500 winner A.J. Foyt also took turns piloting the Wood car.

The team personnel in the Wood shop began to shift as the team raced in more events and traveled greater distances. Glen Wood emerged as the leader and patriarch of the team. Glen's young sons Eddie Wood and Len Wood also began working at the shop in menial labor jobs. Brother Delano Wood had evolved into one of the greatest pit crew members, and his skill as a jack man is incomparable even today. Other family friends soon joined the team, including Cecil Wilson from neighboring Lawsonville, North Carolina.
In 1972, David Pearson was hired to be the full-time driver of the #21. This choice would pave the way for one of the most successful strings of victory in motorsports history. Pearson would continue to drive the car from 1972 through 1979. In only seven years, the team entered 143 races and amassed a staggering 46 victories and 51 pole positions. Their race winnings surpassed $1.3 million during this seven-year period with Pearson driving.

In 1976, with Pearson behind the wheel, the Wood Brothers won the coveted "Triple-Crown" of NASCAR racing. This feat was accomplished by winning the legendary Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway; plus the World 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway; and the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway. All of this was accomplished during the 1976 season.
In 2011, Trevor Bayne became the youngest driver in Wood Brothers history, taking over duties of piloting the #21 in at least 17 races including the first 5 races of the season. Trevor had a very strong debut in the Cup Series in 2010, with the #21 team finishing on the lead lap in 17th position at Texas Motor Speedway. Motorcraft/Quick Lane will continue to sponsor the team through the 2011 season. On February 20, one day after his 20th birthday, Trevor Bayne won the 2011 Daytona 500. It was the first win for Wood Brothers Racing since Elliott Sadler at Bristol during the 2001 season.

The Wood Brothers hold many records and historic achievements. Among these are the fact that they have fielded only Ford Motor Company products since 1950, which makes the longest association of any motorsports team with a single manufacturer, ever. The Wood Brothers also have won at least one race in every decade for the last six decades, an unmatched feat. They have 98 total victories (including the Winston Select All-Star race); and have won 117 Pole Positions in 1,186 starts. They have earned over $30 million in career winnings, and remain among the winningest racing teams in the history of NASCAR racing for 60 years. Also, now that Petty Enterprises has merged with Gillett Evernham Motorsports, the Wood Brothers are the oldest team in NASCAR.

2013 Ford Fusion Wood Brothers # 21
 The Wood Brothers # 21 car will be here from 1pm to 8pm on Monday, October 22nd. Be sure to stop by Ed Koehn Ford Lincoln to see the # 21 and for your chance to win NASCAR related gifts. We hope to see you here!


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Ed Koehn Ford!

We are giving away chainsaws in spirit of Halloween and Truck Month! A massacre of savings come along with it! This is the time of year people wait for to get that "amazing deal" on a new F-150. During this time of year we have normally sold most of our year end models and finding one for a customer becomes difficult. There are usually a handful of 2012 F-150's scattered among dealers that we can trade for, but it becomes a sacrifice of equipment to get one that semi fits what you want. This year we have the largest selection of year end model F-150's in West Michigan. This means you can get what you want and get the huge incentives .......up to $10,000 off on select models!

What is a year end model? It is the current year of a vehicle at the end of its production, not the end of the year. So in this case its our 2012 models. Production is stopped on the 2012 models mid to late summer and production on 2013 models begin. During this time period dealers normally have a limited supply of new vehicles until the first batch of next year models hit the showroom. Every fall the next model year is released and available to purchase. Once this happens, Ford and other manufacturers will put big incentives on the remainder of the 2012 models in order to make room for the newer model. That time is now!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Driver's License To Kill - 50 Years of James Bond Cars

2012 Marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise. While growing up I loved to watch James Bond out-think and out-cool the bad guys while he ruined their plan yet again. Over the years, has anybody been as cool as 007? He always wins, he always gets the
girl(s). Along the way he has had more than a little help from his guns and his gadgets, but perhaps no gadget has been more iconic to the franchise than the cars that were in the films. In no real order, here is a list of a few of my favorite Bond rides.

Perhaps my most favorite 007 car is also the one that has been in the most movies. The Aston Martin DB5 is just a classically beautiful car. You can see the DB5 in the films Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale and Skyfall, the 23rd film due out later this month.

Who could forget the Lotus Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me. Bond used the car as a submarine, and also took out a helicopter with it!

Although not technically James Bond's car, the Toyota 2000GT convertible, which was featured in You Only Live Twice, was owned by Aki. Toyota built two convertibles especially for the film. One is displayed at Toyota's headquarters today while the location of the other is currently not known.

The BMW Z8 from The World Is Not Enough is memorable not only for its looks, but mainly for the way it was destroyed.

The Aston Martin DBS V12 was featured in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. It looks to be one of the more elite vehicles so far in the franchise.

What are some of your favorite James Bond vehicles? Did you know that there have been many American branded cars in the long movie run of 007? Excellent trivia questions to stump your friends with. The James Bond character has been on the screen now for 50 years; who knows how many years the character of James Bond has been in existence? (A: 60 years!)


Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid passes 100 mpg

Forget longtime crosstown rivals GM and ChryslerFord has Toyota in its sights in its battle for fuel-efficiency supremacy. The Dearborn-based automaker recently boasted that its new 2013 C-Max Hybrid beats the almighty Toyota Prius in mpg. Now Ford is claiming a new fuel-efficiency title with its C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid -- and, of course, comparing it to the Prius Plug-in.

New 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid SE (Gray Hatchback) Near Grand Rapids

Ford revealed that the Energi has been rated by the EPA at 100 mpg equivalent (mpg) combined, making it "America's most fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid," according to the automaker. This compares to the Prius Plug-in’s 95 combined mpg and the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid’s 98 combined mpg.

But even though it achieves a few more mpg than its rivals, the C-Max Energi will face a small potential plug-in market and will also have to play catch-up when it goes on sale later this year.

The cutting-edge vehicles aren't exactly flying off dealer lots, since plug-in technology is still relatively new and consumers are confused about everything from charging to "range anxiety." Toyota sold 1,652 Prius Plug-Ins last month (compared to a total of 18,932 for all Prius models). Chevy sold 2,851 Volts in September, while the non-plug-in version of the C-Max Hybrid sold 969 units during the same period.

And although the Ford C-Max Energi has better mpg numbers than the Prius and Volt plug-ins, will mainstream consumers even notice -- or care? 

[Source: Autoblog]

Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent Ford Concept Vehicles

Here's a cool video I found of recent Ford concept cars. I love going to auto shows like the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) held in Detroit, MI every year in February. The reason i like concept cars is that sometimes someones idea down the road turns into an option on a production vehicle... eventually that option may turn into a standard feature. It's fun to think about it... power steering, automatic transmissions, they were once just ideas. Every once in a while you get a whole package that just fits, and ends up being the next production vehicle. Can you find what vehicles or features have become production in this video?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Motor Trend's first drive of the Ford C-Max

First Test:

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid SEL

Target: Prius V

By Nate Martinez | Photos By Robert Guio |
Vehicle specs (Base Model)
My Uncle Manuel is a car guy through and through, and knows that as an automotive scribe, I occasionally get the keys to some interesting rides. When I visit him and my aunt, he usually greets me with a few questions about my conveyance. He snaps a few pictures on his point-and-shoot, and a few minutes later, we enjoy lunch. That's usually it. But when I pulled up in the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid, he wanted more than a photo. He insisted on a ride. Now, I've parked our long-term Nissan GT-R Black Edition, Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster, and a McLaren MP4-12C his driveway. But it wasn't until I came by with this newest Ford that he asked for a ride. "Wow, this is a Ford?" he asked as we cruised almost silently in all-electric mode. I told him we could rely solely on the Michigan-assembled 1.4-kW-hr lithium-ion batteries up to 62 mph if I proceeded with a light, gradual application of the throttle, which is the norm when it comes to switching from electric/engine to all-EV power. "I really can't believe this is a hybrid. I can hardly tell when the gasoline engine kicks on - it's as smooth as glass," he said, smiling. Before I could mention the C-Max's enemy Numero Uno, the Toyota Prius V, he concluded: "I'd rather have this than a Prius. It looks good and feels solid."
If C-Max chief program engineer John Davis and his team could have heard my uncle's unprompted observation, red, white, and blue fireworks and confetti might have blasted above Dearborn, or at least, on their team's computer screens. On paper, the C-Max Hybrid brings a lot to the compact hybrid vehicle segment that has so far been dominated by Toyota's sales juggernaut. Let's face it: When you think hybrid, you think Prius. Toyota worked for years to achieve this status, and Ford wants to change it. According to Davis, during the initial product planning of this latest C-Max a few years ago, Ford decided that rather than introduce a global model with a four-banger onboard, Ford's EcoBoost-filled American lineup needed something different to woo potential buyers. What better way to introduce Ford's third-generation gasoline-electric powertrain than in the new C-Max? Product planners and engineers focused on styling, packaging, efficiency, and price. Only two models will be available this summer: a $25,995 entry-level SE and $28,995 range-topping SEL, both with varying equipment groups that include options like MyFord Touch, panoramic roof, rearview camera, and interior lighting. Ford loaded our SEL to the gills and included all of those options plus the trick power liftgate. A simple wave of your foot below the rear bumper opens the hatch for easy loading when your hands are full. The C-Max's stylish, European flair attracted loads of stares during my multi-day test. It's an extremely fresh form compared to most anything on today's U.S. roads. A few staffers called it a "bloated Focus" (they're built on the same production line and use the same C-car platform), but for the most part, people loved its cutesy-but-cool modern looks, which put the Prius' awkward, robotic physique to shame.
I was asked the "That's a Ford?" question by strangers at least four times on one particular day of errand running. Each time I was asked I offered a quick explanation of the C-Max's bells and whistles and a peek into the well-appointed cabin. It's a comfortable and airy environment with plenty of cushy materials, bright lightings, and supportive seating. The extra-large windows add to the interior's open feel and allow for superb all-around visibility. Storage compartments and power outlets galore make the interior as useful as it is stylish. When it comes down to numbers, the C-Max bests the Toyota in front/rear headroom (41/39.4 inches versus the Prius' 39.6/38.6 inches), rear legroom (36.5 versus 35.9 inches), and front hip room (54.3 versus 53.5 inches). Front/rear shoulder room is dead even at 55.9/55.2 inches. The Prius nudges out the Ford when cargo space behind the second row is taken into consideration: 34.2 cubic feet versus 24.5 cubic feet. Even so, I had no issues with stuffing three friends' luggage into the cargo area, and I could have also folded down the 60/40 split-fold seats for more space. My impromptu spiel also outlined its Prius V-beating 47 mpg EPA fuel ratings in city, highway, and combined situations. During my week of normal driving, I achieved single tank ranges of 523 miles and 547 miles (Ford says it'll go 570 miles) and easily attained an indicated 44 mpg without hyper-miling or careful use of the regenerative brakes. If you drive it with the A/C blasting, radio blaring, and the occasional jackrabbit start from a stoplight, you'll easily see 35-plus mpg, thanks to its highly efficient 2.0-liter Atkinson four-cylinder that's good for 141 hp and 129 lb-ft of toque, 118-hp electric motor, and library-quiet HF35 eCVT transmission. Together they produce a relatively hefty and "real car"-like 188 horsepower. Getting it up to 62 mph on electricity alone is the real deal -- the C-Max will gladly stroll on battery power when prodded judiciously. When stabbing the go-pedal, you'll be treated to some surprising pep in the C-Max's step. Getting the 3664-pound C-Max to 60 mph from dead stop took 8.2 seconds on our track -- nearly 2 seconds quicker than a Prius V (10.1 seconds). After scooting it around our figure eight, testing director Kim Reynolds said driving the C-Max was like "driving a cupcake." To Kim's point, the C-Max is indeed soft and not all that impressive, but it isn't a horrible mess, a bore, or an unpleasantly riding people-mover when the road gets twisty or bumpy. Thanks to the SmartGauge's Brake Coach menu, passengers' entertainment will likely come in the form of optimizing the performance of the regenerative brakes, not setting time attack records. Senior features editor Jonny Lieberman described the C-Max's handling like so: "Simply put, the Prius hates to turn. The C-Max Hybrid, however, is different. While no means a sports car, it is a sporty little upright hatchback that's actually fun to toss around. So much, in fact, that this week I told two different people to purchase a C-Max Hybrid instead of a Prius." Does the C-Max Hybrid give the Prius V a run for its fuel-efficient money? If you're a car nut who enjoys stylish five-passenger road machines as much as my uncle, you already know the answer. And you'll be insisting on a ride very soon.
2013 Ford C Max SEL
BASE PRICE $28,995
VEHICLE LAYOUT Front engine, FWD, 4-pass, 4-door hatchback
ENGINE 2.0L/141-hp/129-lb-ft DOHC 16-valve I-4 plus 118-hp electric motor; 188 hp comb
TRANSMISSION cont. variable auto
CURB WEIGHT (F/R DIST) 3664 lb (57/43%)
WHEELBASE 104.3 in
LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT 173.6 x 72.0 x 63.9 in
0-60 MPH 8.1 sec
QUARTER MILE 16.2 sec @ 86.8 mph
BRAKING, 60-0 MPH 128 ft
MT FIGURE EIGHT 30.7 sec @ 0.49 g (avg)
ENERGY CONS., CITY/HWY 72/72 kW-hrs/100 miles
CO2 EMISSIONS 0.41 lb/mile

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ford SYNC AppLink Lets Baseball Fans Follow the Pennant Races with New Voice-Activated At Bat App

Ford SYNC AppLink Lets Baseball Fans Follow the Pennant Races with New Voice-Activated At Bat App

Below is the information about the SYNC AppLink for the At Bat app on your iOS product. Right now you can get At Bat for free with an account. (Which is also free!) Just in time for the playoffs!


  • MLB Advanced Media extends its pioneering At Bat app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to the road with Ford SYNC® AppLinkTM compatibility
  • With an At Bat 12 subscription, drivers can use simple voice commands to select and listen to home or away radio broadcasts of any Major League Baseball game
DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 5, 2012 – Just in time to follow the pennant races and playoffs, baseball fans now can access the award-winning At Bat app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using simple voice commands with Ford SYNC® AppLink. The At Bat app already has been downloaded more than 5 million times this season and is one of the most popular mobile apps available.
“The combination of Ford’s award-winning connectivity system SYNC AppLink and At Bat will give baseball fans an unprecedented opportunity to keep track of their favorite and rival teams while on-the-go,” said Julius Marchwicki, SYNC AppLink product manager. “MLB Advanced Media has been a leader in providing sports fans with everywhere access to live games and SYNC AppLink compatibility now extends that to the car.”
With Ford SYNC AppLink, drivers can control a range of select entertainment and information apps running on smartphones and tablets using simple voice commands while keeping their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road ahead.
All At Bat users will have instant voice command access to schedules for all 30 Major League Clubs and up-to-the-moment scores.
In addition, drivers with both a Ford SYNC AppLink-equipped vehicle and a subscription to At Bat 12 can connect their iOS mobile devices to listen to the home and away radio broadcasts of every game of the regular season and postseason, including the 2012 World Series, while they are on the go.
Some simple voice commands are:
  • {Team Name} – say a team name, such as “Detroit” or “Tigers”, to quickly jump to your favorite team’s game details or audio feed
  • List Games – read out all of the latest scores or game details for the entire league
  • Teams – select games or news from any of the 30 clubs
  • Next Feed/Previous Feed – choose home or away live radio broadcast streams
  • Play/Pause – pause the game so as not to miss any of the action
“At Bat is widely distributed across thousands of different mobile device platforms and SYNC AppLink represents another important interactive distribution point for our fans to enjoy following baseball using At Bat on their iOS devices,” said Adam Ritter, SVP Wireless, MLB Advanced Media.
Baseball fans can download the At Bat app to their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and then subscribe to At Bat 12 for a one-time seasonal fee of $9.99 or a $2.99 per month fee with monthly recurring billing. SYNC AppLink is available on a range of 2012 and 2013 model Ford vehicles including Fiesta, Fusion, F-150, Super Duty, E-Series, Mustang and Expedition.
# # #
About Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 168,000 employees and about 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness - Ford Racing Style

Courtney Force's Traxxas Pink Funny Car for Breast Cancer Awareness
   As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many businesses and individuals fly a pink ribbon during October in honor or remembrance of knowing someone who has had to deal with this terrible disease. Many are football teams have what has come to be known as "pink out" games. Spectators wear pink, and sometimes even uniforms are modified to include pink to support and raise awareness of breast cancer. Courtney Force is joining in by racing a hot pink Ford Mustang funny car through October starting this weekend in Reading, PA.

“So many women and families have been affected by breast cancer. Driving the Traxxas Pink Funny Car is just one small way I can show that I care and support them as we try to find a cure for this terrible disease,” said Force.
I love the unique ways people raise awareness for their causes. What are you doing this month to raise awareness for breast cancer?