Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Ford Technology for 2013 - Active Noise Control

Ford has become a leader in technology for automobiles and 2013 looks to be full of exciting new technology. One of the newest technologies Ford is introducing is Active Noise Control. Here's some information about it:

• Active noise control is a new technology, which helps to electronically cancel unwanted vehicle noises [engine-related moans and drones], but enhance desired sounds [such as the growl of the engine under hard acceleration]
• Active noise control helps achieve a new level of quietness in the vehicle cabin

• Active noise control uses microphones in the cabin to monitor specific unwanted engine noises, using the vehicle’s speaker system to send opposing sound waves to cancel unwanted noise
• While on a test-drive, explain that tailoring a sound experience will further enhance certain sounds to align with the overall driving experience. Point out the sound quality in the cabin environment
• Achieving a new level of quietness is an important factor in the perception of overall vehicle quality. It’s also an important emotional element of the driving experience

• Active noise control monitors the engine sound in the car and generates a counter-sound to cancel out unwanted noises and provide a refined interior sound
• Tell owners that the engine sound they will hear is real. It’s genuine and generated from the engine signals to enhance overall sound quality

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