Friday, January 4, 2013

Ford Technology - Forward Sensing System

Ford introduces their forward sensing system many 2013 vehicles. Similar to backup sensors, but with a couple differences. Here's a little information about how it works:

• Assists customers with parallel parking and parking in a lot or a garage
• When also equipped with the Reverse Sensing System, the front and rear sensors actively sense obstacles while in Reverse. This is helpful since the front bumper swings while parallel parking

• When the vehicle is in Drive and is traveling below 8 mph, the Forward Sensing System uses ultrasonic sensors on the front bumper to determine the distance of certain objects in front of the vehicle: 
– If an object is detected up to approximately 2 feet in front of the vehicle, a high-pitched tone will come from the front interior of the vehicle
– The warning becomes a solid tone when the object is between 5 and 10 inches from the vehicle
– Automatically turned Off when in Park or Neutral

• Point out the ultrasonic sensors on the front bumper which detect objects
• Reinforce that, if an object is detected, an audible tone is played inside the cabin to alert the driver
• Tell owners that the sensors must be clear of snow, ice and significant levels of frost or mud to work properly. External ultrasonic noise may also be detected (e.g., air brakes, squeaky brakes or uneven ground surfaces, street grates, potholes, etc.), causing the alert to sound

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