Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lane-Keeping System

Included in the Technology Package on the 2013 Lincoln MKZ, available with Reserved or Preferred Equipment Groups, the Lane-Keep System is comprised of the lane keeping alert and lane-keeping aid. When activated, it is designed to minimize unintentional lane departures by alerting the driver during the day, or at night (with low beams on), if their vehicle is leaving its intended lane.

Lane-keeping alert sends vibration pulses to the steering wheel when unintentional lane departure is detected.                                                                               

Lane-keeping aid provides steering wheel torque to help direct the vehicle back into its lane when unintended lane departure is detected.

How to Operate

  • The system must be turned On with each new ignition cycle by pressing the Lane-Keeping System button (located on the end of the turn signal stalk). The system is defaulted to the Off setting, and the feature will only turn itself On automatically when a programmed MyKey is used.
  • Show owners they can choose Mode and Intensity setting in the instrument cluster by selecting Driver > Lane Keeping Sys