Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ice Storm

Be careful on the roads today. It is very slippery today. Anti-lock brakes are very helpful during these weather conditions. Touch base with a salesman or service advisor at Ed Koehn Ford to see if your vehicle has anti-lock brakes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gas is going up...

Before you spend any more money at the pump you should think about investing in the Ford Fiesta. 40 MPG! With gas just now at $3.55 a gallon here in Greenville and speculation of it hitting $5.00 a gallon 40mpg's will save you quite a bit of money. Remember, its about money distribution...wheather you have a regular payment on a used car and pay more at the pump or pay a little more on a brand new car (or less or the same) and pay much less at the still will save money. Call Tyler at Ed Koehn Ford to have him do some simple  calculations and see if it makes sense  for you or not,