Saturday, February 9, 2013

Why Electric Cars?

The world is changing in many ways. Gas is expensive, the world population is rapidly growing, fossil fuels are depleting and we are very conscious of pollution affecting ecosystems. What does this have to do with the auto industry and Ford Motor Company?

Transformation of Transportation

Building on over a decade of experience with hybrid technologies, Ford is committed to being a world leader in rechargeable electric vehicle technology.
• Electrified vehicles offer additional fuel choices for consumers and protection against price fluctuations at the pump
• A more fuel-efficient vehicle means a reduced carbon footprint and fewer tailpipe emissions, which can to lead to cleaner air and a future where we can be less dependent on fossil fuels

Progressive Technology

• Globally, we’re doubling the size of vehicle development teams focused on fuel-saving and electrified vehicles, as compared to five years ago
• We’ve dedicated 285,000 sq. ft. in Dearborn, Michigan to a new Advanced Electrification Center where engineers work on EVs
• We’ve refurbished and revitalized the Michigan Assembly Plant to build five fuel-efficient powertrain technologies on the same line
• We’ve invested in solar energy to help power our manufacturing facilities

Blueprint for Sustainability

Full implementation of known technology; introduce significant weight savings

  • Advance gasoline engines
  • Natural gas/LPG
  • Hybrids   

Expand weight savings; hybrids and electrification

  • Hybrids,plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles
  • Weight reduction

Leverage hybrids and introduce alternate energy sources

  • Efficient energy management in homes
  • New materials
  • Hydrogen-powered vehicles
Check out the types of electric vehicles Ford is currenlty offering and the differences between them: