Friday, November 16, 2012

Black Friday Car Sale

Black Friday Trade-In Sale
For one day only we are giving you an opportunity to get BIG money on your trade. On Friday, November 23rd we are opening at 9am with a $5100 minimum trade in bonus! Come early. . .as the hours increase the dollars decrease for your trade. 

Minimum Trade in Bonus Cash
$5100 between 9am-11am
$4100 between 11am-1pm
$3100 between 1pm-3pm
$2100 between 3pm-6pm

Minimum $2100. Available on new or used vehicles. Vehicle must be 6 years or newer with under 100k to qualify. Each year over 6 years, deduct $500. For every mile over 100k deduct $.10. Vehicle must be registered and insured for min. of 6 months in customers name. Vehicle must be in running condition. Not valid with any other special pricing, discounts or promotions. Not available for x/a/z/d plan. Vehicle purchased must be $11,999 or higher.