Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Ed Koehn Ford!

We are giving away chainsaws in spirit of Halloween and Truck Month! A massacre of savings come along with it! This is the time of year people wait for to get that "amazing deal" on a new F-150. During this time of year we have normally sold most of our year end models and finding one for a customer becomes difficult. There are usually a handful of 2012 F-150's scattered among dealers that we can trade for, but it becomes a sacrifice of equipment to get one that semi fits what you want. This year we have the largest selection of year end model F-150's in West Michigan. This means you can get what you want and get the huge incentives .......up to $10,000 off on select models!

What is a year end model? It is the current year of a vehicle at the end of its production, not the end of the year. So in this case its our 2012 models. Production is stopped on the 2012 models mid to late summer and production on 2013 models begin. During this time period dealers normally have a limited supply of new vehicles until the first batch of next year models hit the showroom. Every fall the next model year is released and available to purchase. Once this happens, Ford and other manufacturers will put big incentives on the remainder of the 2012 models in order to make room for the newer model. That time is now!