Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Ways a Sales Event Can Help the Local Economy

   Sales events have a positive influence on the local economy in more ways than than you may see on the surface. The event itself can be financially lucrative for the host, but the financial impact reaches well outside our showroom floor. This is just a brief blog to show a few ways in which an event here at Ed Koehn can actually be good for our community.

AmericInn - Greenville
 When we have a liquidation event to move some of our older new and pre-owned vehicles we will sometimes higher an outside sales and marketing firm to help with the task. This includes the personal, and management. These folk typically are not from the area, but stay during the sale and absorb the hospitality that can be found right here in Greenville, MI. They will often stay at places like the AmericInn. Dinner is readily available at one of Greenville's many restaurants such as Applebee's, McDonalds, Burger Kind and El Rancho.

Brats from The Meat Shack - Greenville

They're not the only ones that eat! The employees here at Ed Koehn never go hungry. Often times you can spot us plotting and scheming about what we are going to do for lunch today. When a decision has been made it's off to town to pick up goodies, such as Jet's Pizza, Subway, The Winter Inn, The Other Place, Turk Lake Bar, meat from The Meat Shack and countless local other locations here in Greenville. Supplies such as paper plates, cutlery and a ton of things I can't even think of are picked up from local stores Meijer and WalMart.

   The Ed Koehn Automotive Group would like to thank you for purchasing your vehicles locally, spending money locally. We would like to thank you for doing your part to help keep our local economy strong. The people of Greenville, and surrounding areas, are known for taking care of one another. We are known for taking care of and taking pride in our communities. I thought I would take a moment and share this thought as it crossed my mind. Community. Every sale we make is money right back in our community. The things we spend money on is frequently money back in our own community. Community. That's what it's all about, I just thought you should know...