Monday, May 16, 2011

Ford Uses Google Prediction To Save Fuel And Time

During this week’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco, Ford unveiled new technology that relies on the search giant’s new Prediction API. By tapping into Google’s Prediction API, Ford will be able to gather historical commute and errand data, and then optimize your route depending on traffic, weather and a host of other information.
By leveraging the location-based uses of Google’s API, Ford developers will be able to improve fuel- or hybrid-electric efficiency while also reducing overall commute times.
“The Google Prediction API allows us to utilize information that an individual driver creates over time and make that information actionable,” said Ryan McGee, technical expert, Vehicle Controls Architecture and Algorithm Design, Ford Research and Innovation. “Between Google Prediction and our own research, we are discovering ways to make information work for the driver and help deliver optimal vehicle performance.”
Using historical driving behavior, Google Prediction will be able to predict a driver’s destination and how to optimize driving performance to and from that location. If a route of travel is predicted, on-board systems could then optimize energy usage.
“Once the destination is confirmed, the vehicle would have instant access to a variety of real-time information so it can optimize its performance, even against factors that the driver may not be aware of, such as an EV-only zone,” said McGee.
Researchers at Ford want to develop systems that anticipate the needs of each individual driver. By accounting for the driving style of each driver,  these systems could maximize energy efficiency without taking away from the overall driving experience.
“It’s about pure customer benefit and creating individualized and optimized experiences – the right one for each person, vehicle and situation.”

-Article from Ford in the news,